Welcome to the flameless word of aromatherapy. No soot, no flames, no worry with wonderful results.

Whether you have pets, a smoker, or just enjoy beautiful fragrances around your home, reed diffusers work great. They also work wonderfully for college dorms, where candles and incense are not allowed. These are very clean, no discoloring of wall or ceilings like candles. If you have a vacation place, it is nice to come into the home after months of being closed up to a very nice fragrance. Just flip the reeds and the fragrance will be stronger again. I use no alcohol, like the major brands do. These can last months to over a year depending on the amount of reeds you use.

3 Quick Steps to Great Aromatherapy

  1. Pick a glass diffuser bottle.
  2. Pick a fragrance oil.
  3. Pick the amount of premium diffuser reeds you need.

That's it! Your order will ship within 48 hours. You'll be emailed if there are any delays.

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